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  1. 2016-2022 Pilot
    Hey guys, Just snagged a 2017 EX-L RES pilot, and am a little miffed with Honda over putting a DVD player in the EX-L res and a Blu Ray in the touring. A fact I only learned about after making the vehicle purchase (not that it would have changed my mind either way... but I digress) I've done a...
  2. 2009-2011 Pilot
    Hi all, I just picked up a 2010 Pilot with a busted engine. I managed to get a good low mileage salvaged engine J35Z4, only issue was that it came from a AWD model and my pilot is a FWD model. As far as I know the blocks should be essentially be the same and I should be able to slap my old...
1-2 of 2 Results