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  1. My OBD II scanner failed to search the AT subsystem. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    I have a 2017 Honda Pilot Elite. The car hasn't run well for a while. When I used an OBD II scanner to check DTCs, the scanner couldn't get the information for AT. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thx
  2. REFERENCE LISTS for TROUBLE CODES, OBDII & Dash, generic & Honda-specific

    2003-2008 Pilot
    (Starting with OBDII here, Dash codes in forthcoming post) These lists of codes may help rule out what a problem is NOT, when a code is indeed detected 1)__SOURCES: 1.A__ HONDA-Specific Codes list of all Honda specific powertrain codes between P1106 and P1795...