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  1. 2003-2008 Pilot
    I got the rear put together fine but now I'm having trouble with the front. I can get the strut with the spacer into position mostly but then I'm finding it impossible to get the two strut bolts in. I have been able to get the bottom bolt in but but then the top hole won't align. Any tips on...
  2. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    I am researching lifting my 2019 Pilot (I like the lifted look and do not intend to do major offroading). I welcome any posts from those who lifted their Pilots in the past (preferably 3rd gen but others are welcome too) about reliability and common issues they encountered that can be attributed...
  3. 2003-2008 Pilot
    Hello, I have an 06 Pilot EX-L. I recently installed a 2" leveling spacer lift kit. Now the axle angle is too much for the oem axles (I knew this would happen), does anyone have any brands on beefier cv axles that can handle the angle?
  4. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    Did anyone try to install Passport suspension parts on Pilot? I liked the feel of the Passport suspension (stiffer and less leaning in the corners) plus it has .5 inch more ground clearance. I would not mind to have the same on my 2019 Pilot Touring. Has anyone considered the same? The dealer I...