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  1. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    I own a 2020 Honda Pilot EX-L. I live in Houston where there's always stormy weather. After a few heavy rains I've noticed water leaking from my hood latch, gas and brake pedals. I took it to my dealer to have it checked out and they wanted to charge a mandatory $165 just to perform a diagnosis...
  2. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    Hey guys I have a issue with my 2016 Honda pilot elite. We have a slight mold smell coming from the sunroof area so we think. The smell is faint until we open the sun shades on the roof. When you roll the windows down it's gets worse due to air moving around in the cabin. Has anyone experienced...
  3. Problems
    Noticed coolant dripping off the oil pan today. Can't tell where its coming from exactly, but on the passenger side its dripping down to the bottom between the AC and crankshaft pulleys. These two pictures are the best i could get. Any ideas? This is on a 2005 Pilot.
  4. Problems
    Hello, I've had a AC leak last year that I didn't diagnose before the winter and left it be. I have refilled the system with UV dye and crawled up and under the car. The hose going into the evaporator and into the condenser seems fine (Evaporator and L inlet picture). The dye shows up on the...
1-4 of 4 Results