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  1. New 2020 Pilot Elite Infotainment problems

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Is anyone facing the issue shown in the linked video? I bought a new 2020 pilot elite few months ago. The infotainment and speedometer screen is completely dead. This is in addition to the crackling and popping noise from the speakers. The dealer is refusing to fix this, wants us to work...
  2. 2011 EXL AC Display??

    2009-2011 Pilot
    Hey everyone, Just purchased a 2011 EXL without navigation and the display above the stereo controlsis only showing the time, radio station/song and compass.... it is not displaying the AC functions as I set them. It’s just blank in that section of the screen. Does anyone know if this is an...
  3. Navigation infotainment goes black on 2011 Pilot

    General Discussions
    Hey! I just purchased a 2011 Pilot Touring for a really good price and have been enjoying it thoroughly! However, it has not been all good news. The navi screen sometimes decides to go black. After doing some in car investigating it looks like it might be the DVD or DVD drive that is faulty. Any...
  4. It's here, full replacement 10" android headunit for 3rd gen pilot

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    For 3rd gen 2016-2018 Pilots, there is now a full replacement aftermarket headunit available. These look OEM as you can see and give you an even bigger screen without making it look like its out of...
  5. Pilot Improvement Suggestions (Hello, Honda?)

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    My wife and I recently purchased a 2019 Pilot which is only the second new car we've ever had and our first Honda. It was a replacement for her totaled out 2006 Ford Freestyle that was our primary family car. We are pleased with our purchase having shopped other three-row SUV's and found them...
  6. Honda Pilot 2019 screen protectors available

    Hey all! Photodon has recently added screen protectors for the 2019 Pilot infotainment screen. Here's the link for the 8 inch which includes the volume knob: Here's the one for the 5 inch screen: