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  1. Hello, been watching this forum for about a year

    New Member Introductions
    I finally got a Pilot, this is my fifth Honda, first Pilot; 2015 touring, the papers have been signed and I haven't bought it home yet. the dealer I found it at is an hour and a half drive away. my current daily driver is a 2004 Cr-v. my main focus here will be upgrading my audio, to sound just...
  2. FS: 2012-2015 headlights with custom HID projectors and angel eyes

    More images: Brand new OEM headlights (left and right) for 2015 Honda Pilot (should also fit 2012-2014) Professionally customized by LightWerkz in NJ Morimoto Bi-xenon FX-R projectors for low-beam (with optional solenoid for high-beam use) Panamera-style shrouds for projectors Morimoto XSB...
  3. So it looks like swapping 2019 LED headlights to 2016-2018 WILL WORK, plug and play

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    with this 2016+ Honda Pilot Touring Elite to OEM 2019 Full LED headlight adapter harness | eBay I still want to see one done before doing it. Also, at this time 2019 headlights are probably really expensive. But in the near future as the prices dip, this is something I'll seriously look into...