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gps problem
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  1. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    I have a 2018 Honda pilot elite at 12,181 miles going about 78 mph, on I 95 at 5 PM in June 2019, Then this message appears “Blind spot sensor error” appeared on dash and within 10 seconds Transmission error - see owners manual - get somewhere safe appeared on the dash. The 2018 Honda Pilot...
  2. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    Hello all, I am a long time member of Honda Ridgeline Owner's Club forums, but am new to the Piloteers Forums so excuse my "noobness" (LOL) here.. I have searched the forums for a possible fix / solution for this issue (I even just did a general Google search) as my wife's Pilot keeps showing...
  3. Problems
    My 2019 Pilot Touring is not even 2 weeks old, and it's already having Navigation problems. When the Garmin App is opened, it does not display any maps. It does display all the Garmin touch screen buttons, but not the actual map. When I press the search button in the Garmin app, it said loading...
1-3 of 3 Results