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  1. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    Wife roll your car on New Years Day? Time for an upgrade to a Pilot! Locally the stock of used Pilots are low. I found a 2017 Touring with 36k miles on it. I also found a 2017 EXL w/sensing at 14.5k miles. The touring is $32,996 and the EX-L is $32,800. The touring is certified and the EX-L is...
  2. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    As it said in the title the AC is making noise intermittently. Every 7-8 second or so, and last for about 2 second each time. Noise sounds like someone is taking deep exhale, or compressed air being released. This doesn't happen when it is turned on, but only after it has reached my set temp...
1-3 of 3 Results