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  1. TPMS System Function Error - HELP!

    2009-2011 Pilot
    Hello, recently acquired an '09 Touring AWD, and for a while it was fine, but then the TPMS error light started coming on. My wife overinflated the tires one morning when it was cold and she thought they needed air. After realizing and deflating them, the tire guy at Costco scanned the sensors...
  2. Navigation infotainment goes black on 2011 Pilot

    General Discussions
    Hey! I just purchased a 2011 Pilot Touring for a really good price and have been enjoying it thoroughly! However, it has not been all good news. The navi screen sometimes decides to go black. After doing some in car investigating it looks like it might be the DVD or DVD drive that is faulty. Any...
  3. Pilot 2013 EX-L not starting

    Have had no issues with it. Have about 40k miles over last 4-5 years of owner ship. This morning it does not start. Hear kind of thud noise as the car seems to try to start but stop. It is not the battery as I know how it is as I had left lights on and battery went dead. So it was replaced 2...