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  1. Honda Pilot engine noise/rattle?

    Hi everyone My 2008 Honda Pilot with 110,000 miles is making a strange noise from the engine. The mechanic couldn't diagnose the problem from the noise and said it would cost almost $800 to just tear down the engine to search for the problem. They seem to think that the problem is localized...
  2. rubber hose from engine filter to intake has hole

    2009-2011 Pilot
    Honda Pilot 2009 - Ex V6 - 3.6L issue: The rubber hose from my engine filter to my intake has a hole in it. Question 1: What is the actual name for that part? Question 2: Where can I get that replacement part? Question 3: This seems like a very straightforward fix. I'm not a mechanic so I...
  3. Pilot 2013 EX-L not starting

    Have had no issues with it. Have about 40k miles over last 4-5 years of owner ship. This morning it does not start. Hear kind of thud noise as the car seems to try to start but stop. It is not the battery as I know how it is as I had left lights on and battery went dead. So it was replaced 2...