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engine misfire

  1. 2009-2011 Pilot
    2011 Honda Pilot - Several months ago my dash lit up with all the lights, VTM-4, VSA, Check engine and Check emissions. I totally freaked and went to my dealer that I have been using for all repairs for 9 years and was told this: plug 2 was fouled due to oil on plug; need to replace plugs in cyl...
  2. 2009-2011 Pilot
    Hoping you all can give me some guidance on this fellas please so here it goes: Bought my 2009 Pilot Touring 2WD NEW in October 2008 Around Spring 2013 got the TSB 13-082 (engine misfire/piston alignment) done on cylinder 4 and covered under the warranty/settlement Since ownership I have taken...