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  1. 2012-2015 Pilot
    Hey all, really struggling with this one. 2014 Honda Pilot touring. We have quadruple checked all fuses (2 in the engine compartment, one in side drivers side, the cargo area fuse block I believe is for the trailer kit which I don’t have, no power there) ive replaced turn signal body, hazard...
  2. 2003-2008 Pilot
    got a blinking D light , check engine light ATF light The code states solenoid A (electrical) I changed the solenoid and I changed the sensor as well, here recently the obd2 port stopped working and I use a cen-tech dma009 it reads codes on other vehicles but on mine it gets stuck trying to...
  3. 2003-2008 Pilot
    3rd break light is working, break lights that are housed in the tail lights are not. I think there is a short, does anyone know where the ground wires for the break lights are located?
1-3 of 3 Results