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check emmissions system

  1. Catalytic converter? Heater core?

    I'm at my last nerve with my 07 exl...I bought it 2 years ago and up until recently I had a vtm-4 light and cel p0420 on and off. Had the dealer I bought it from do a "cat test" said it wasnt the issue and couldnt diagnose because the light was always off by the time I drove there ?‍♀️ The most...
  2. Emissions light 2016 50k

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    We have owned this vehicle less than 30 days and the warning popped up. We still have bumper to bumper so we took it back to the dealer. Dealer said it was most likely due to the 18-025 service bulletin and they will replace the injectors. My question is, does this issue keep happening every 20k...
  3. 2012 Pilot Showing VSA, Check Emissions System and VTM-4 lights, Error Code P0303 Engine Misfire - My experience

    2012-2015 Pilot
    New to the forums, but they were a big help for me so I wanted to post my experience with the cylinder misfire in case it helps anyone else. 2012 Pilot Touring / 153k Miles / new to me but has been in the family since it was new from the dealer, maintenance plan followed meticulously. Oil...