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  1. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    Hi everyone! Can someone please let me know how good can you fold the front passenger seat? Couldn't find any info on the web. Say I want to transport something ridiculously long (~120") but slim. Would I be able to fold all seats on one side of the car (including the 1st passenger) and fit...
  2. 2016- Third generation Pilot
    I see a lot of posts about cargo liners and trays but I haven't found anything about liners for the well below the tray. I've seen adds for well dividers but still nothing to line the well itself. The well in our 2017 Touring came with a fabric liner on the bottom and within a month of...
  3. 2003-2008 Pilot
    I recently ordered a cargo cover for my Pilot LX and a month in I pulled to extend the cover and now it won't retract. Any ideas on how to roll it back up and get it working again?
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