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  1. Rear HDMI on Dash Screen (2017 Pilot Elite)

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Is it possible to stream rear video HDMI onto the front dash screen as well? I understand you would have to be idle while doing this. I've seen on Honda videos showing this was possible when the HDMI port was located in the front of the vehicle when the vehicle was in park. I have a 2017...
  2. Fuel door won’t open 2017 pilot touring

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Fuel door won’t open 2017 pilot touring Electric button release works, and engages the manual pull handle in trunk (where the fuel funnel is). Pulling that manual handle doesn’t open it either. Somehow whatever pulls the small pin to open the door isn’t connected. Please help!
  3. My off road experience with 2017 Honda Pilot AWD

    General Discussions
    Just went out to see fall colors somewhere in Ontario, Canada and end up off road unexpectedly. I would say Honda Pilot did a really great job here, even though it isn't a proper off road vehicle. <iframe width="720" height="720"...
  4. Best Tire Cables for 2017 Elite?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Hello, my 2017 Elite has 245/50-20 tires. What is the best tire cables to use that will not mar the wheels? Peerless ZT735, ZT741, SZ435, other? Thank you - Cave Bay