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  1. 2016-2022 Pilot
    I have 2017 Pilot which recently began blowing cool but not cold air. I haven't done much diagnosing so far, waiting on special R1234YF UV dye and hose to do a pressure and leak check. I removed the cabin air filter, verified the condenser fans are spinning, compressor clutch rotating, turned...
  2. 2016-2022 Pilot
    Saw the posts about this, but the note also said it was an older post, and I should start a new here goes. I have the EX-L 2017 AWD Pilot. I bought the OEM trailer kit including the ATF cooler. I had my mechanic install the ATF cooler. I don't do anything under the hood...
  3. Audio & Electronics
    Wifes pilot headunjt stopped working no radio no ound nothing. Kid plugged her new I phone into it and all worked fine I don't think she did anything by that but next morning. Stopped working properly. Still have a display. When vehicle starts HondaLink logo pops up. Reverse camera works, side...
1-3 of 3 Results