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  1. 2012 Honda Pilot Middle Sliding Seat Won't Catch

    Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago, the middle seat (on the passenger side only) of my 2012 Honda Pilot intermittently wouldn't catch when I slid it back. I tried a couple of different things like pulling on the bar under the seat while pushing the seat back and trying to apply pressure on...
  2. 2012 Rear Shock Replacement

    My 2012 EX-L is at 104,000 miles so I replaced the PCV Valve and Spark Plugs myself, and had the timing belt/water pump replacement done by the dealership. They noticed the "Left Front Axle Outer Boot is Leaking" and the left rear shock is starting to leak. I plan on replacing the OEM rear...
  3. Buying used 2012 EX-L with 75,000 miles. What mainteance needs to be done?

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    Hi, I'm buying 2012 EX-L with 75,000 miles on it. The guy took good care of the car. What maintenance and approximate cost is waiting for me within next 50,000 years or 5 years? Currently the car has new tires and brakes changed 2 years ago. Thank you