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2005 honda pilot exl

  1. Pilot 2016 Range indicator anamolies

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Hi, This may seem like a trivial issue, but I would really appreciate a solution from the knowledgeable people on this forum. I own a Pilot 2016 EX-L with Honda Sensing. I live in a condo building with valet parking. When I want to use the car, a valet walks down to the underground garage and...
  2. HVAC Amber bulb replacements?

    2003-2008 Pilot
    So I've replaced all the bulbs behind the buttons in my HVAC control unit with LEDs but have noticed that the amber light above the RR A/C Manual button no longer illuminates. The button works because the rear heat control works. I realise the bulb is soldered onto the circuit board but I'm not...