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  1. 2003-2008 Pilot
    I was wondering if anyone has ever switched their Navigation system in their 2003 EX Pilot to a radio that also has navigation? I have looked everywhere and I can't seem to find anything. I would like a radio with apple carplay on it.
  2. 2003-2008 Pilot
    Hi, I've been looking into buying a used Pilot or CRV for about 6 months but haven't found the right one. I live in a smaller city so I don't have as many options locally as I would like. Recently a 2003 Pilot at 170,000 miles popped up. The timing belt/water pump were changed at 100,00...
  3. 2003-2008 Pilot
    I was diagnosing what I thought was an AC problem. My 2003 Pilot's AC was alternating cold and not cold, so I thought I had an issue with that system, but then I realized my radiator coolant was steaming out of the reservoir after the engine got really hot. I waited for the car to cool down...
1-4 of 4 Results