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Pilot 2 WD EX-L
Black Forest
I bought this nice ride to replace my good ol' 1998 Dodge RAM Quad-Cab pickup. The RAM had only 60k miles (for real!) and was in pretty good shape, but needed complete ac system replaced, and rust was starting to take over in too many places to bother getting repaired. It was an always-outdoor ride, and in Southern Florida the plastic parts were going fast (1st 3.5 years were in MA, so road salts and temp changes, too). Dash was all cracked, weather stripping was going further south... was time for a new ride.

So, I found the Pilot at my first stop at a dealer, LOVED the color, condition, bells-and-whistles, and got a fair trade-in for the RAM, and drove 'Elwood' home!

In one of my previous lives, I was a mechanic (Jaguar specialist, gas station owner, used-car mechanic, custom motorcycle shop owner/mechanic [Harley's, thank-you-very-much], some large truck wrenching, some small engine work [mowers, etc.]... a jerk-of-too-many-trades, I guess.) I kind'a know what I'm doing around a ride.

However, at the advancing age of 74, the arthritis and some other fun aging issues, like failing eyesight, is now preventing me from doing much of what I used to do, so I mostly sit at the comp and read about others 'issues' and sometimes can offer a bit of advice.

But enough about me...

Our 'new' Pilot is a really nice ride, and in the short time we've had it, we're happy to be back in the Honda saddle again. My wife had a Honda Accord around '03, and she really liked it, but when the lease ran out, she got a Hyundai Sonata at a lower rate. Oh, wellll...
2016 Honda Pilot 2 WD EX-L (Black Forest)


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