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  1. 2004 Service Manual

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Don't know about the pdf, but I have the hardcopy service manual that I bought from Helm years ago. Looks like it there's a used one for ~$50 at amazon link.
  2. 2003 - 08 Air Bag Recall

    Ugh. I was finally to get this done today, 11 weeks after my first appointment. The dealer was supposed to call me when the part came in, but I got frustrated and called them last week and the part was magically in stock. This is the 5th recall on my 2004 Pilot and hopefully the last. :o
  3. 2003 Honda Pilot Starting Issues

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Wow, I've never heard of a factory battery lasting 13+ years. Even if it doesn't end up solving the problem you're seeing, I wouldn't hesitate to replace a battery that old to eliminate it as the cause.
  4. 2003 - 08 Air Bag Recall

    I called my local Honda dealer today and they're still waiting for the part to come in after 3+ weeks. :(
  5. 2004 Pilot D light indicator flashing

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Wow, I had no idea a Honda dealer would charge that much to change a pressure switch. :eek: I also proactively replaced my 3rd & 4th gear switches a couple of years ago after reading about it here. It cost me about $75 in parts and less than an hour of my time.
  6. 2003 - 08 Air Bag Recall

    I showed up for my appointment yesterday to get the passenger side inflator installed and was told that they didn't have the part in stock. I specifically asked the person I spoke to last week if they had the part and they said they did. The part is now ordered, but I had to waste my time...
  7. 2003 - 08 Air Bag Recall

    Well, so much for that. I just received a recall letter for the passenger side inflator (one year later). :(
  8. 2003 pilot bad ign switch!

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Could this be your issue? 2003 Pilot Ignition Switch Problem - Solution
  9. Odd sound coming from behind AC controls

    2003-2008 Pilot
    You could have some debris in the cabin filter area that an actual rodent used to make a nest. :) It could also be a failing blower motor (mine chattered loudly at times until I replaced it).
  10. Aftermarket Navigation

    2003-2008 Pilot
    That is correct. I believe you'd need an external amp to use the subwoofer without the factory radio.
  11. Aftermarket Navigation

    2003-2008 Pilot
    I installed a Pioneer AVIC-7000NEX double din receiver in my 2004 EX last year and have been very pleased with it. I didn't bother with satellite radio or a rearview camera, but I used a Metra 95-7861 Double DIN Installation Dash Kit, a Metra 70-1721 wiring harness, and a Metra ASWC-1 steering...
  12. Blower Motor Resistor Testing

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Not sure if the 2007 is different, but the procedure from the 2004 service manual is here.
  13. New members: ask here instead of starting new thread

    General Discussions
    I don't know if there were any appeals or settlements after the Saccucci lawsuit, but many dealers all over the country sell Honda Care extended warranties online to this day. From what I've read, Saccucci Honda and Hyannis Honda seem to have pretty competitive prices. If you make the purchase...
  14. Torque Converter Shudder - Fate of 2004 Pilot?

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Try this one: DIY: Replacing Transmission Pressure Switches
  15. DIY: Replacing Transmission Pressure Switches

    The forum seems to have lost content in some of these useful threads. The internet wayback machine has this one here: DIY: Replacing Transmission Pressure Switches
  16. Old thread content missing

    Piloteers AutoGuide Forum Support / Help
    I was referring to a couple of maintenance threads and see that their content is MIA. I click on each one and while the thread loads, the content is non-existent. I've seen this on different computers, with different browsers, with the cache cleared, etc. A couple of examples: (2003-2004)...
  17. Original Cargo Net for Pilot EXL

    My trusty old cargo net was almost twelve years old and had gotten a bit stretched out over the years. I remembered this thread and was able to pick up the same net (a Highland 9501300) at amazon for about $18. The design is slightly different, but I was happy to find that it was still available!
  18. 2003 - 08 Air Bag Recall

    Interesting that only the driver's side inflator was recalled for my 04 EX, some have the driver's side airbag recalled, and others have both the driver and passenger airbags recalled.
  19. 2003 - 08 Air Bag Recall

    Weird, I just received the airbag inflator recall notice from Honda in the mail today. :D
  20. 2003 - 08 Air Bag Recall

    Yeah, I still haven't received anything from Honda about this particular recall. Since they had contacted me pretty quickly about the other three recalls (transmission, headlight, & ignition interlock) I had just assumed that they would probably have to stagger the notices due to the large...
1-20 of 126 Results