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  1. Hello to all

    New Member Introductions
  2. Stop leaking from driverside head gasket

    2003-2008 Pilot
    If your head gasket is leaking, change the head gasket. Don't use those additives that "seal" your gasket, they don't work. You're mixing fluids with a bad head gasket. I'd check the oil if I were you, probably nice and watery.
  3. Key FOB

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Haven't had that happen to me yet. I've just found my windows open a few times. If they put something like this on the vehicle, they should make it possible to disable.
  4. Key FOB

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    You can't. Awesome right? Worst "feature" I have ever seen in my life and zero way to disable it. It's happened to me several times. Luckily never while raining, but it's possible. Every time it rains I run to make sure my windows aren't open. Thanks Honda!
  5. How many is too many?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Yeah it's not a good transmission. Even on the new models it's a bit iffy. 9 speeds is unnecessary. I like my 6 lol. Had it on my other pilot and my Ridgeline before that. Not one issue. I know people want all the extras that come with touring or elite but I'm good with the EX-L. I'm sure others...
  6. How many is too many?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    98k on a Honda is nothing! I'm not a fan of going above EX-L though.
  7. Underpowered brakes

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Using better pads is a start, but it's the system itself that's garbage. It's just not a good brake system. I've had old beaters that had better brakes than this car. I love my pilot, but Honda is cheaping out here and there lately.
  8. Underpowered brakes

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Pilot brakes suck. My Ridgeline brakes did too. I'm sure there's something aftermarket to make them better. I haven't looked myself
  9. 2019 Pilot Ex-L transmission issue

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    No clutch in that car. I'm guessing you mean gas. I also have 2019 EX-L with 2300 on it. Very good so far. No issues Before this a 2017 EX-L with no issues and got that up to 40k. Take it in and ask dealer
  10. I think it's the fuel pump...

    Typically a fuel pump works or it doesn't. I've never heard of one sometimes working and not other times, but you never know. Your fuel gauge working properly? Possibly dirty injector? I wish I could help, I don't know much about the fuel system on that. I have an 04 as well as a back up, but no...
  11. Stop the beeping!!!

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    How many 2x4s? They'll fit. I have put 2x4 and 2x6 in my 2017. Door will close fine. You gotta move front passenger seat up and put on that side, but they'll fit.
  12. 317k miles on 09 Pilot EX

    2009-2011 Pilot
    Quite a bit of miles. Maybe time to let her rest and move up.
  13. VCM delete via HDS possible?

    General Discussions
    Probably not or I think someone would have done it by now. Honda probably makes it impossible to do so anyway.
  14. need help with driver settings

    General Discussions
    Use the fob for driver one or two.
  15. Trailer hitch for 2019 Pilot?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    That is the hitch I bought and the wiring kit was 56291.
  16. 2019 9 speed transmission concerns

    New Member Introductions
    Seems to me anything above EX-L is problematic. I have an EX-L and it works great.
  17. Hello

    New Member Introductions
    Hey. Welcome. Let us know what you're driving.
  18. Changing rear brake pads on 2016 Honda Pilot

    Brakes look fine. I've been in the waiting area at dealerships and have seen them pitching bs at people that clearly don't know any better. They suck. They have tried it with me before.
  19. My new 2020 EX-L Misc questions / comments..

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    I haven't seen this film you speak of, call your dealer and ask. The brakes kinda suck. I'm a fan of Honda and my pilot, but the brakes are bs. I pump my brakes all the time like I always have from the old days. They say you don't need to with abs, but it definitely helps. I don't have an...
  20. timing belt service

    2012-2015 Pilot
    What do you know about your dealer? You trust them? Yes they love to upcharge and may wanna replace things you don't need, but I think the dealer would actually do the timing belt. I wouldn't trust an indie, but I think for the most part the dealer is doing the work.
1-20 of 182 Results