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  1. Does your EX-L radio treble control work?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    @gbenzon I have a 2005 with an aftermarket stereo and I can hear the difference. I’m not sure for the 2019.
  2. AP1 S2000 wheel test fit

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Looks great, but have you considered the S2000’s rim load rating may be significantly less than a Pilot’s rim rating? I’m guessing the S2000 weighs about half of what a Pilot does, and that’s before you factor in payload (passengers and cargo).
  3. Anyone recognize this bolt?

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Perhaps I should plant a car looking bolt in my neighbor’s driveway. He works on his rig.🤣
  4. Anyone recognize this bolt?

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Thanks STMech. That’s the same response I got over at TacomaWorld. Makes me feel better that someone who has lots of experience with the Pilot chassis doesn’t think it came from there.
  5. Bad Front Motor Mount?

    Honestly if you think the transmission is on its way out you might consider what you will do when that occurs. If your plan will be to replace the tranny (expect this to cost at least $2k) then it would make sense to have those other repairs performed relatively soon. But if you have no plans...
  6. Does your EX-L radio treble control work?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    If you want to test this scientifically get a frequency generator app for your phone. Connect the phone to your Pilot’s stereo. Set the frequency to 4KHz. You should hear a constant sound from the Pilot’s speakers. On a second phone load a frequency analyzer app. Set the second phone’s...
  7. Headlight/Dash Flicker

    Should be volt meter.
  8. Headlight/Dash Flicker

    Also look for corrosion on the cables, especially the thick cable on the lower engine block. If you have a bolt meter you can test the alternator output under light and heavy load conditions.
  9. 2014 Honda Pilot TIRE issues

    General Discussions
    Are you still under drivetrain warranty on your 2014 Pilot? If any of the work which needs to be performed is warranty related then I can understand why you would let your Honda dealer handle the repairs. But if you will be out of pocket wherever you take it then I don’t understand why you...
  10. 2014 Honda Pilot TIRE issues

    General Discussions
    At this point your best bet may be to take the Pilot to a reputable tire shop that can also check your alignment and suspension components. You could ask them what they would give you for trade-in on the tires, if they don’t find anything wrong with the tires/suspension/alignment. I think...
  11. Fog Lights won't turn off

    2012-2015 Pilot
    If the electronics got wet I’d disconnect the battery then try to dry everything out as much as possible. If you have a shopvac try to get to any water which may have seeped into the switches, etc.
  12. 2009 Steering Wheel Shakes at 65 MPH

    2009-2011 Pilot
    Were the tires road force balanced? Some have had this issue resolved by finding a tire shop with this balancing equipment.
  13. scan tool using a laptop recomendations

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Let us know what package you end up going with. I’m currently using a Foxwell scanner after not having good luck with a laptop based OBD2 scanner dongle some years ago.
  14. Got into an accident...

    That’s a bummer that happened. I hope you’re okay. I am no insurance expert but your Pilot has book value of ~$4k and there is likely more than ~$3k damage (somewhere around 70% is the the threshold of being totaled). When my wife was rear ended last year just repainting the rear bumper and...
  15. 2013 Pilot - hood release cable doesn't work

    When you pulled the hood releasevlever in the cabin did the hood pop up a bit? Or did nothing happen?
  16. 2017 Accord 17” steel rims to 2014 Pilot

    Tires and Wheels
    You’ll also need to compare rim width and offset to determine how far in or out, relative to the fender, the rim will move. There may not be much room for the rim to move inwards.
  17. 2007 EX Rust PICS - should I buy this vehicle

    2003-2008 Pilot
    It might control future rust but the mechanical integrity of those areas with rust has already been compromised. If you are still seriously considering this Pilot I suggest having it inspected at your trusted mechanic. Personally, I would pass and start looking elsewhere. There are too many...
  18. 2014 Honda Pilot TIRE issues

    General Discussions
    I hope you are able to work it out and Continental makes it right for you. Good luck.
  19. 2008 pilot

    General Discussions
    You’d probably be better off posting in the 03-08 section of this forum. And welcome to the forum.
  20. 2014 Honda Pilot TIRE issues

    General Discussions
    Do you have it in writing that you requested the tires to be changed out within the first 60 days you owned them? Continental has a 60 day satisfaction guarantee with an exchange clause. If the dealer will not help you out you can either try contacting Continental directly or go to a...
1-20 of 200 Results