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      Seafoam FTW. :)

      P.S. Everyone
      I keep a code scanner attached at all times on my Pilot. This saves me when it goes into Limp mode. I just pull over, clear the codes(read them if I am interested) and take off again. Most of my codes are related to old age, high miles, poor gas(regular unleaded) etc. Most of my codes stay away if I put Seafoam in every tank of gas, but that gets too expensive. It is easier just to clear the codes and go.
      Is it one of those little Bluetooth OBD2 scanners that connects to your phone via the Torque app?

      I keep one in my glovebox. I used to just leave it plugged in all the time because it was so small and out of the way, but because I was concerned, perhaps needlessly because of the minuscule current I assume it draws, that its always-on connection might drain my battery, now it's in my glovebox.

      What kind do you use, and do you leave it plugged in all the time?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts

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