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      Yeahhh......good luck with those.

      If you want better performance (which I assume you mean straight line acceleration), take out all the seats and carpets and get some light weight 16" wheels. Acceleration is strictly a power to weight situation (assuming you have traction).

      Some low expense (at least in the short term) is to swap your engine/differential oils for something like Redline. Thinner, so less friction, but more damage.

      Alternatively you can due something stupid like change your gearbox or your differential and you'll go faster off the line, but get worse gas mileage, run at higher RPMs, and have a lower top end speed (but that won't really affect anyone driving on streets).

      Finally, you can go full 'tard and put in an after market turbo and listen to the sound of money exploding.

      In all seriousness, I'm sure there are some local "tuners" in your area that will charge you lots of money to try and tweak your ECU. Once again, good luck with that.
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