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  1. Towing a travel trailer any advise?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Make Sure you have a transmission cooler installed, know folks who have had transmission problems towing with a Pilot, they can overheat easily when towing a square box in back of you.
  2. Noisy Honda Suspension

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Road conditions do dictate suspension noise - just returned from 4 months snow birding in Florida, I can honestly say that our Pilot was a very quiet ride down south and on interstate highways, now we are back in New England with frost heaves, potholes and uneven roadways and he thumping is...
  3. 2016/2019 heated seats

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    I bought a 2017 Honda EX-L with 13K on the odometer, it is certified and I'm happy with it, but did notice that the heated seats don't warm up like our 2017 Subaru Forester Touring. I can't even tell they are on, even when on high. Both times I tried to use them they were turned on from the...
  4. 2019 USB Flash Drive Issues

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Can you share what file extension you were using to play music on a USB on the Pilot, I have music on a USB that plays, but I'm trying to transfer a Book on Tape to a USB and after hours of trying I'm not getting anywhere. The files aren't being recognized.
  5. 2016 Pilot: Tailgate and Windows Opening Overnight

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    I have a 2017 Pilot EX-L and it happened to us, we were traveling to Florida and when she got into the car, opening it with the key fob she realized the Sunroof was open - shade closed, and the 4 car door windows were open/down to the exact same spot each window. All she remembered was pushing...
  6. Has anyone ever played a CD?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Bought a used 2017 EX-L Nav and realized that it didn't have a CD player in the radio, it did have the USB ports so I figured I could make due with that. We have about 40 books on CD's that we use when we travel and buy more every now and then, on 2 1/2 day trips to and from Florida the books...
  7. Export Music from HDD

    2012-2015 Pilot
    I'm in the process of trying to download my music CD's and Books on Tape CD's to a memory USB stick via my Window's 10 computer. I'm beating my head against the wall, it is so time consuming and no easy, the process is confusing to a 72 year old like me and I'm pretty good on a computer. I...
  8. Noisy Honda Suspension

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    On the highway with smooth pavement our 2017 Pilot EX-L is very quiet, but put it on a secondary road and it gets noisy with thumping as you go over a bump. I checked the spare even though I knew that wasn't it. My theory is that the suspension needs further tuning with an upgrade to the...
  9. No cd player! Yikes!!!!!

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    I have a deposit on a new to me 2017 Pilot EXL, didn't realize until this afternoon that it doesn't have a CD player, We listen to books on tape traveling to and from Florida and on any other long trips, we have a bookcase full and have listened to many of them more than once over the years...