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  • ruk ·
    Verbatim, is there any chance to just purchase the connectors from you? I am in the electronics field and would like to do the mod myself. I tried looking for the connectors but it is hard to find the male connector. Thanks in advance. If not how much for the VCMuzzler. I have a 2011 Pilot EX. Thank you.
    BoatR Don ·
    Looks like your VCMuzzler is a resounding success.:29:

    The # 2 complaint I see on the forum is the auto stop-start...
    Any chance you can solve that one and introduce another product to fix another undesirable Honda "feature"??:1zhelp:

    Keep up the good work:claphead:

    retroman ·

    It seems this device is what I'm looking for as we just purchase a 2012 Pilot with the rings and sparkplugs replaced at 51,000 kms. I have never been a fan of cylinder management programs.

    I live in Ontario so if you could send me an invoice and I will pay by Paypal.
    Coopbs ·
    Same here, could you please add me to the wait list for the VCMuzzler or let me know when the next batch will be available via forums or Ebay :) 2012 Pilot (Ohio weather). Looking forward to trying this. Only have 20k miles, and have felt the VCM vibration around 40-45mph since new.

    Bah. Sorry, meant to PM.
    Dssguy1 ·
    Hi, can you put me on the waiting list for your VCM Muzzler 2, Honda Pilot 2012?

    Also, what watt resistors are you using so I can get a few of my own to tune it in just right?
    VR4PLAY ·
    Are you still making the vs muzzled or have any connectors to sell for me to make my own? I just bought a 09 pilot and the VCM is driving me nuts already.

    kevinbng ·
    Hi Verbatim,

    I also am interested in a gen2 VCMuzzler. Let me know when the next batch is availble.


    mcedar44 ·
    Hi verbatim,

    Saw your post about the VCMuzzler. Let me know when the next batch will be available either on Piolteers or Ebay. Do you have any idea when that will be. Just curious since I don't check the forums that often and if I had a time frame i could check back in.

    etap ·
    Thank you very much trying to figure out our dilema. I wanted to let you know
    If there is anything I can help. I be been trying to get mechanic to find more email is [email protected] thx
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