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  • Helios25 ·
    Well I got the muzzler in about 6 working days which I thought was great considering some of the other folks having their package hung up in customs. I installed it the next day with the 82 ohm resistor after sitting all night. Started it up had no CEL and I haven't had the VCM (no Eco lite) come on since! It works great and as advertised. Wife loves the vehicle now and the throttle response is great esp on the highway. Living in a mountainous region I'm getting better MPGs because it is not kicking in and out of the VCM mode all the time. You've saved my Pilot! Thank you so very much for your efforts!
    [email protected] ·
    I have a 2009 Pilot with 3.5l V6. I have just recently started having ticking valve type noises. I took it to the dealer and they said I probably had a worn camshaft to which I replied "no way". Since then I have researched it and found out that this is a documented problem with these engines. I am taking it to an independent shop later this week. I have also noticed a vibration in the front end at speeds around 70. I thought at first I needed to get my wheels balanced but I just got new tires so that doesn't seem likely. I wonder if I might try the VCMuzzler and see if it helps. My car has 182,000 miles on it and has never given me troubles.
    verbatim ·
    ejthomp, I've sent you a PM. You do not need a new VCMuzzler, unless you only have the original single resistor hardwired version. If that's the one you have then you may want to upgrade to the VCMuzzler II that has changeable resistors. In my PM I only talked about swapping resistors, but now I don't know which version you have.
    ejthomp ·
    I purchased one of the very first Muzzlers in April, 2015. 39 months and 105,000 miles later the P0128 code showed up. I disconnected the battery and reset, but the code came back in a couple days. Do I need to replace my muzzler?
    Pilot4Lyfe ·
    Thanks for doing so. Much appreciated. I did misplace my directions that came with it but I found a photo online with them so I am good. Again, thanks for the response! Going brown this weekend. I want to give it a full week to see if it can stay at 167F. So far it is still averaging 170.6F.
    Pilot4Lyfe ·
    Hey Verbatim, What is the website I can go to for more information or maybe you can help me? I purchased the VCMmuzzler 2 for my 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD. I got a OBD2 reader and use torque pro app too. I installed both. The muzzler has the blue resistor on it. My coolant temp is remaining at 170.6 F. If I am correct in reading the instructions, 167 F is the temp needed to shut down the VCM. My biggest question is, which resistor do I install next to get to the desired 167 F? I have been monitoring it for 2 days now and driving it for 2 days with the blue. It has gone to the 167 F in the mornings when it is cooler. However, during the mid day when it is over 80 F outside, the coolant temp does not go below 170 F. Any advice or pointing me in the right direction, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Helios25 ·
    Yes Sir! That was me. I finally found yours on ebay. Initially I was looking at another but I wanted to purchase yours. Thank you very much and I certainly appreciate the time and effort you have put into this project.
    verbatim ·
    Hi there Helios25. Yes, it still is available. I believe you just purchased it off ebay. If that wasn't you, let me know and I'll PM you details.
    Helios25 ·
    New to the site and I'm very interested in your VCMuzzler. Is it still available? I have a 2015 Pilot SE and I have noted a vibration. Like you I'm feed up with the VCM system but since my wife drives it mostly I have been able to let it slide. Being the mechanical type however, I'm more worried about the possible damage the VCM can cause and associated cost of fixing. I would like the Pilot last as long as my Accord! (15yrs and 350k) Thx
    morciani ·
    Hello there Verbatim- I very much appreciate the effort you've put into this forum and the development of your VCMMuzzler gadget. Awesome work!

    Wondering if I can buy a VCMMuzzler from you outside of eBay to save us both a few$$? I've got a 2011 Honda Pilot Touring model. Thank you so much!
    rlelina ·

    Just came across VCMuzzler II and have a couple of questions:
    1. Is it only available on eBay?
    2. I have a 2009 Honda Pilot 4x4 and was just told by dealer (after CEL & VTM-4) that it's burning oil and need 3 pistons replaced for $3K. I'm not planning on having the repairs done due to the age of the SUV and was planning on just checking frequently and adding oil if needed each week (1 full gas tank, about 300 miles). Anyway, is it too late to use VCMuzzler since damage is already done?

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