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  • tjriddle61 ·
    newbie here. i saw that you mention the Touring model has ratcheting arm rest for driver and passenger. i just purchased a 2018 Touring AWD and the passenger side does not ratchet. Do you know if they changed things in 2018 or should the passenger side ratchet also?
    samjac ·
    Hey there, saw your response to my post a little while ago, also saw that you PM'd me about a month ago, sorry seemed to have missed that. You mentioned a guy @ Curry? I was referred to one of the Sales Manager's there, Steve Patrikos, who had sold 3 cars to one of my best friends. He had me work with one of his guys, who honestly, wasnt impressed with. they gave me a price that wasnt as good as what i got from the other dealer i mentioned in the post. Who is your contact there?

    toolazy4alogin ·
    I love it - I can get you some pictures later in the week when I'm back in town. I wanted a Touring but couldn't get one in NY until September.
    CHoorel ·
    Hey I am trying to purchase a 2016 Touring modern steel with black interior, I was wondering what your impressions of it are, and if you have any pictures of the interior. Thank you!!
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