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  • jimic ·
    Hi Matt,

    I posted to one of your threads but thought to ask you the question directly -

    Matt, I'm replacing the rear shocks, springs and links on my '09 also. I have the shocks out, the bolt for the control arm out and the links out. I have not taken the exhaust off the hangers. But, the control arm does not hit the exhaust, only if I really push down hard on it and it still barely makes contact with the exhaust. Even with that it does not appear to have enough drop to get the uncompressed spring out. Did you have this issue at all? If I take the exhaust hangers out will that give the control arm more drop (doesn't seem like it will be enough)? Or do I need an external spring compressor tool to get the springs out and new ones in? I bought the Moog springs as you did.

    Thanks for any advice.
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