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  • Marcados ·

    I was looking to purchase the silver 19" acura RDX rims that will fit a 2006 Pilot. A few other members here have them on their vehicles. Before I go the ebay route, are there any specials on those rims right now?

    Thanks, Marc
    nachos4 ·
    Hello, can you cut a 2005 Pilot key for me? I don't need programming, only the sidewinder key cut. I have a blank, and will transfer the transmitter part to the new blank once I get it cut. I was hoping to mail it to you, have it cut, and then mailed back. I am in Georgia and cannot find a dealer here to do it for a reasonable price.

    Thank you!
    05pilotGA ·

    Do you still cut Pilot keys? I only have one standard non-remote key for my 2005 Pilot right now. My remote control key broke at the base, and spilled its guts. WHat services can you offer?
    Tom R ·
    Hello. Referred to you by a poster on Piloteers Forum. Need liftgate supports for 08 Pilot VP 2WD. Bought some made in USA, #4373, but they seem to be one inch too long. Ideas? Thanks. Tom
    buxredding ·
    Hi Tim. I was wondering if you are still able and willing to do copies of Pilot keys. I bought a used 2005 Pilot EX-L and it only came with one key. I'm running into a $160 quote from my local dealer and obviously looking for another option. I don't have remote entry, so just a copy of the one I've got cut and programmed. Can you help or do you have a recommendation for how to get a better deal? Thanks very much. --Andrew VanCleve
    WillWart ·
    I am pricing the following for a 2012 Honda Pilot Touring 4WD:

    Premium running boards
    Towing kit
    Cargo cover

    Was wondering what kind of deal you could give me on price and shipping?
    moda_way ·
    Do you have any TSBs related to the GEN2 Pilot and the Power Steering rack, pump or lines? My wifes is losing PS fluid in a significant way.
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