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  • pilot_rave ·
    ok, thanks.. Noise is driving me nuts at first I thought it is a bad wheel bearing or perhaps a bad torque converter in the transmission. I hope to find out and address the issue... Hopefully it is not transmission related.
    carguy07 ·
    I honestly had not even heard of it until you asked about the TSB. Must not be too uncommon if they made a TSB, but I have never encountered it.
    pilot_rave ·
    hi-. Would you know why the propeller shaft bearing goes bad on the 2004 pilot? Is it from aggressive 4x4 driving or just wear and tear or ? The noise is pretty annoying every time I press on the gas pedal over 30mph the hissing sound is prominent... I am the 3rd owner of this vehicle I knew the 2nd owner [my uncle] and he bought it at an auction... Lord knows what the original owner did or did not do!
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