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  1. Cabin Air Filter Change

    Never tried I funnel because the space is too tight. I have a gear lube pump that has worked excellent for this exact job.
  2. Cabin Air Filter Change

    Yes you can fill through the dip stick. Here is a thread I made doing that exact procedure on the 2005 Honda Pilot I use to own: Just curious, what methods have you tried to remove the fill bolt? Perhaps...
  3. Cabin Air Filter Change

    That is an excellent deal on an oil change ("synthetic or regular"). Those are few and far between. Excellent coupon either way.
  4. Cabin Air Filter Change

    You're very welcome. This forum is all about informing other owners on all aspects of owning their Pilot. Without reservation...I am one to research, research some more, and then I am able to make an informed decision on what works and has worked for me after driving for 25+ years. I by no...
  5. Considering a 13 Pilot worried about VCM vibration issues

    2012-2015 Pilot
    Yup...same reason why I sold my 2013 Pilot Ex 4wd to a private party. I couldn't stand the VCM I was experiencing. We will not buy another Pilot. Should have never of gotten rid of our 2005.
  6. Cabin Air Filter Change

    Once you have removed the Fill Bolt, get a wire brush and vigorously remove the rust. Finally spray some rust inhibitor on the bolt head. Stops Rust® Rust Inhibitor Product Page Or you can buy one of these: 25614-PK4-000 BOLT, FILLER (ATF) 001 2013 PILOT 12.88 9.02 3.86 AT TRANSMISSION...
  7. DIY Plasti-Dip (2013 Grille, Foglight bezel, Tailgate) Lots of Pictures

    2012-2015 Pilot
    Congratulations...the black out looks nice. If you have the cajones to try separating the head lights and painting the inside chrome black, you will have a one of a kind nice looking Pilot.
  8. FOR SALE: 2013 Honda Pilot EX 4WD

    We SOLD the Pilot to a wonderful family this evening.
  9. New member, soon-to-be new owner

    General Discussions
    Welcome to this awesome Honda Pilot Forum. For the most part you will find very friendly and helpful owners here. Some will be very critical about sticking to what the owners manual if it law while others will veer from that path and chose to find alternative maintenance practices...
  10. Cabin Air Filter Change

    You are absolutely correct. Sometimes the fill hole bolt is on very, VERY tight, and becomes more time consuming loosening that darn bolt. Using the ATF dipstick method is just as fast or faster.
  11. FOR SALE: 2013 Honda Pilot EX 4WD

  12. FOR SALE: 2013 Honda Pilot EX 4WD

    Thanks for the compliment RCflyer. Like many on this forum we take pride in maintaining and owning our Honda's. I just hope it pays off. Although we will lose from when we originally bought it (Dec 2012).
  13. FOR SALE: 2013 Honda Pilot EX 4WD

    Been a member here for quite awhile. We are moving onto owning a truck for our remodeling projects around our new to us home. Here is the listing 2013 HONDA PILOT 4WD ***Low Miles, Like New*** SAVE If the listing is still up the Pilot is still available. Thanks a million Jim
  14. What vehicle will replace your Pilot and why?

    General Discussions
    I will start this off since I am on my 2nd Honda Pilot (2005 and now a 2013). A 2007 Ford F150 Lariat 4x4 will be replacing the Pilot. The bed space will be welcomed as we are doing alot of remodeling on our new to us home. Not only that but it is very comfortable and less road noise...
  15. 2012 towing harness install

    I didn't even look to see if there was a DIY on this. I took alot of pictures and was going to make a write up but this one pretty much covers it. With one exception, if you don't buy the OEM trailer wiring harness the aftermarket one from etrailer will not fit exactly into the outlined cut...