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  • glkelner ·

    Thanks for all the work you have done on switching out the radios on the 2016 pilot. Question, do you think a touring radio blackbox will work on an EX-L with RES? I read in your posts they are the same but the touring and elite have an interanal amp.
    Dennisss ·

    I heard you have some electric diagrams for Pilot 2017?
    I'm searching for the electric tail-gate beeper.

    Can you help me with that?

    aziz007 ·
    Hi Anekin007
    I am outside US and have pilot 2016 EX and change my head unit 2 weeks ago , our car here different from the one in US , the head unit working fine except that , I can not lunch either AA or Apple car play , and I believe that due to we do not have smartphone usb connection port in our cars which is this is the difference , what I have in my car only one usb 2.5 and HMDI ports no 1.5A for smartphone , now any idea how can I solve this problem . thank you in advance .
    pilotflying ·
    Sorry to bug you, I was going to get those Infinitis 6.5s and was wondering if you had to cut or mod the speaker coves in the rear doors or did they just fit? Thanks
    kyle_wils ·
    Hi Anekin007,

    I've been following your posts, sounds like your on the right track to getting this device rooted!

    Long story short I attempted "boot from usb" in diagnostic mode- now every time vehicle turns on the screen lights up momentarily but stays blank. Like its attempting to boot from usb but won't move beyond that.

    Do you know any ways to reset head unit to factory settings? I've always tried removing fuse, disconnecting battery terminal etc....
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