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  • hhhdai ·
    I was going to ask a sensitive question, and then pending answers, I might need to remove the post.
    I did not ask you to remove my post at general discussion about engine replacement. Any way of recovery?
    The sensitive question is - I had the timing belt water pump etc etc the whole package replaced by my long time neighborhood mechanic a month ago, a major expense, then only 3 weeks 800 miles later the 2009 Pilot experienced a major misfire event on the highway, and this week has been condemned by two Honda dealers as major engine failure - wounded camshaft $2500 repair cost. Not savvy enough with mechanical knowledge, I was planning to collect some expert and general opinions in that regard (whether cam damage has anything to do with new timing belt) to guide my future relationship with the neighbor mechanic.
    BoatR Don ·
    There are a number of posts for the current gen - 2016 specific MY - being moved to the generic topic forums.

    I and others think this is a mistake at best - and an attempt at censoring at worst... why are posts specific to the 2016 MY being moved?

    This will be an ongoing problem with the forum set up w/ both topics and MY / Gen headings.

    It is one thing to move topics to a generic topic after the generation has been superseded by a new gen - but new gen posts should remain together especially in the first yr or so of the new gen.

    Why not query what members would prefer vs mods doing wholesale reorg to the point you can't find prior threads you participated in - and others are starting new threads w/ the same subject????
    hhhdai ·
    how do I search older posts for clues? I see a search box on right, typed in "cruise main", and got RIVER CRUISES!
    josh9399 ·
    Thread - 2013 Pilot Speakers with bad static/popping noise - resolution also

    I think I should have placed this one in the Problems section of this forum, and not general discussion area - sorry
    tripstracka ·
    I received the sticker package and placed one on my 2012. Looks great! Thank you for sending them to me. I really like the site and am enjoying learning about my great vehicle.
    tripstracka ·
    I should say that I upgraded to Lifetime status, not premimum on 7/4/13.
    I look forward to hearing from you regarding stickers plus any other lifetime premimum benefits. Organization/forums have been fun.
    tripstracka ·
    I upgraded my membership on 7/4/13 to premimum status. Could you please give me an idea when I'll receive my sticker package?
    bh2012 ·
    Trying to delete my post under Classifieds for OEM Running Boards. They have been sold. I updated the post but can't figure out how to just remove the whole thing. I figured that would be something that the Administrator could tackle. Thanks!
    Rocky ·
    I tried to sign up for another Honda Autoguide controlled forum and been rejected as a spammer. Tried a Nissan one as well ditto. Nobody responds when I ask the reason and I'm doing everything correct on the registration page.
    Feel like saying WTF or similar. Can you help?
    Rocky ·
    Since we're about to move into 2013 model year, it would be nice to see the 2012 version pictured on the top of the forum
    davebutch ·
    Where are all the older threads in the Audio & Electronics forum? The oldest one only goes back a month or so. Where are last years, or even the ones from 2 months ago?
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