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Question SRS Light Stays On, Any Suggestions?

I'm a new owner of a used 2003 Honda Pilot EX. I just purchased the vehicle a few days ago from a private party. When starting the Pilot one of the indicators that illuminates is "Side Airbags Off". This display is not illuminated after a few seconds, but the SRS red light remains illuminated all the time (not flashing). The owner's manual states an authorized Honda dealer should be consulted asap. Any suggestions of things to try before I go to a Honda dealer?
Thank you for any help.
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SiriusHog had the same problem (see here). In his case, he blue a fuse, when the fuse was replace the light stayed on because there was an error code in the ECU indicating that a "loss of power" had occured even though the problem was fixed.

It seems that the rear wiper and the passenger SRS are on the same fuse. Other owners reported the same error light here and here.

Other owners have reported a problem with the light coming back on after it is reset (here). I'm not sure, but in some cases it may be a bad sensor.

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If the dealer says that the OPDS Control Unit/OPDS Sensor is bad and needs to be replaced Honda, has extended the warranty on those parts. I just received a mailing in the mail about the extension of the warranty to 10 years or 150,000 miles. The letter was too big to attach to this posting. A few owners on the forum had this problem and paid to have it fixed, Honda is reimbursing them for the cost of the repair. Since your car is used the original owner will receive the letter, they should return the letter to Honda that tells them the car has been resold.

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Thank You for the information, it's very helpful!
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I blew the same fuse again a few days ago, and that damn light is back on. So I gotta take it BACK to the dealer AGAIN... 2 fuses in 3 months... sucks..

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Warranty extention applies to 04?

Do you know if the SRS system warranty extension also applies to the 2004 model? I bought mine used earlier this year and the SRS light just came on.
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My Dealer's Comments on Warranty

Words from the dealer on warranty coverage of the SRS system...(haven't made my appointment yet...note: service manuals shows over 60 DTC codes related to SRS).

"In regards to the warranty extension for the SRS/OPDS unit, several Honda models may have
a problem with OPDS (occupant position detection system) that causes the SRS indicator to stay on. Typically, one or more of these DTC's (diagnostic trouble code) will be set:

SRS DTC 15-1 (faulty OPDS unit or OPDS not initialized)
SRS DTC 15-2 (faulty side airbag indicator circuit)
SRS DTC 15-3 (faulty OPDS sensor)

To ensure continued reliability with the OPDS, American Honda is extending the warranty on the
OPDS unit and the OPDS sensor to 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.

NOTE: Any repairs to the SRS system for problems other than SRS DTC codes 15-1, 15-2 or
15-3 will not be covered under this warranty extension. We wont be able to know if this
falls under the warranty extension until we inspect/diagnose the SRS/OPDS unit itself."
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ok, i had this problem 5 times in 3 months, the wiper fuse blew, happen when i use the rear wiper, lucky enough i work at honda dealer as a detailing, the tech there plug the computer to reset the srs light for me, also they just replace me the OPDS sensors unit, $1000 something, warranty, lucky me, ever since no fuse blow yet, but it seems only happen when its super cold outside, now it's summer so i dont use the rear wiper that much....oh and yet i can confirm that the opds sensors is warranty for 10 years...something has to do with this problem...
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I reset my light myself on the hunch the problem was transient...the light stayed off for a week, then came back on and is set. Guess its time to go to the dealer and hope its covered. My next door neighbor has a 2005 Pilot and and he said his SRS light has come several times. This Pilot has had several electrical mystery issues (here, then gone, then back). My past Toyotas and Jeeps never had these issues..nor any problems at all when they were only 3 years old. So much for Honda quality...
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Diagnostic Code 7-2

My SRS light came on last weekend as well. I took it to the dealer who told me that my "SRS sensor" is bad and needs to be replaced (to the tune of $550, parts and labor). I asked what the diagnostic code was and they said 7-2. The thing that makes me uneasy, besides the fact that I generally don't trust dealer's service departments, is that they lied about Honda's warranty extension under TSB 02034 to begin with (the one for diagnostic codes SRS DTC 15-1, 15-2 and 15-3). My understanding is that Honda extended the warranty for these codes to 10 years/150K miles. My local service department says it's 80K miles.

I'm guessing that my only other course of action would be to take my vehicle to another dealer's service department and get their diagnosis, but I've got ready to get on the road and need to have this taken care of and I don't want to let this drag on. Anyone else experience this 7-2 code?

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According to my 2004 Service Manual, code 7-2 refers to an internal failure of the SRS unit (e.g. black box). However, there is a note to make sure the battery/system voltage is checked to see if its low before you replace the box. There are several other codes listed that point towards an internal failure of the SRS unit.

Replacement of the SRS unit looks pretty easy. Maybe an hour labor in the books with a coffee idea how much the unit costs itself. Since the dealer lied about the extended warranty, I would go somewhere else if you can. Dealers like this don't get any of my business...even warranty covered (which of course they still get paid for by Honda).
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I posted this also in "siriushog's" thread "SRS light" in the General discussion forum.

We (Caroldude and I) had the same problem in March of '05. I replaced the fuse and the dealer had to replace the OPDS (I posted about it). I had to wait about a month to get it. I of course mentioned, to no avail, to the service writer that there may be an underlying problem with the rear wiper drawing too much amperage since a basically (2) year old wiper shouldn't be blowing a fuse. Since then my wife and I wife have been tentative with the rear wiper. Well, (2) weeks ago the same thing happened. The wiper blew the fuse and the SRS light came on. This time they are going to replace the wiper motor and the OPDS (both are ordered). Our Pilot is 4k mi. and a few mos. out of warranty but they are replacing both under warranty. Has anyone heard of Honda acknowledging a problem with the rear wiper motor.? BTW, The service mgr has said this is a good will repair and that us having had all maintenance and service with them has a lot to do with them being able to "go to bat for us".

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I've had this problem twice now. I just avoid using the rear wiper at all. It really doesn't do much for me anyway. I did buy a box of 7.5 amp fuses and put it in the glove box though. When the rear wiper stops working I just replace the fuse and disconnect the negative terminal for a couple seconds. That resets the SRS light. If there is a recall in effect for that damn rear wiper issue then I'd love to know about it. I don't use it and I don't miss it, but I don't want to be changing fuses every time my son twists the rear wiper knob.

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Hey guys- I had my Honda Pilot checked out when I received the OPDS notice, (Not because the sensor was on only because I had a scheduled maintenance and I asked them to check it out of precaution.) Supposedly- it was faulty and they replaced my sensor. About two weeks later when I used the rear wiper, the fuse blow out. I brought a couple of spares and every time I put a new one in, it would blow when I turned on the rear wipers.

So I took it back to Honda because two weeks prior they had replaced the OPDS sensor and it worked on the same circuit.

They told me that the OPDS sensor was fine, however the wiper motor was shot and was causing the blowout. They wanted to charge me $350 for parts and labor. So I asked them, if I were to disconnect the rear wiper motor completely would the SRS (airbags still function correctly). They told be that it should work however the light would remain on since the motor is not connected. This didnít sound right to me.

So I decided not to do the work. When I took it home I decided to put another higher amperage fuse in there. A 10 (instead of the 7.5 it normally has- I think). Now the wiper blade moves fine and does not pop the fuse. The only problem is that the SRS light is still on. I was thinking of getting a larger fuse- perhaps a 12 or 15 and replace it. Will this have harmful effects? That dealership is obviously lying to me by telling me that the wiper blade engine is completely shot. (It works fine with a larger fuse.)

The problem that I have taking it to another dealer is that they will charge me $100 to look at the car. IF I decide to fix whatever problem with them, they will use that as a credit towards the total cost but if I decline service, I'm out $100. They have used this tactic with me in the past.

Do you think I could go the other dealership with the Honda OPDS notice and ask then to look at it? (Remember that another dealership already replaced it.) But I think the new one is also defective. My rear wipers never gave me any problems. In the past I noticed that they do not put my maintenance records on the same system Ė so I could possibly get away with it if I try. I donít think itís right, but I donít want to pay $100 if they tell me the same story.

Can I use a higher amperage fuse moving forward? I don't think I will have any problems since Iím going with higher amperage versus a smaller one. Would this cause any negative effects? Your suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated.

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Crap, my SRS light just came on too.

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