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Originally Posted by optivity View Post
Speaking of the RDX, it can now be equipped with a V6 engine, IMO is pretty impressive. The current RDX lacks some features it's fully configured $48K price tag should include, but I'm keeping the next gen. release on my list of potential successors to my Pilot.
$48K for an RDX? With 24 karat gold lug nuts?

US market RDX has had 3.5L V6 since 2013, replacing turbo I-4 from previous gen. For 2016 it got a tiny bump in horsepower from 273 to 279. Not direct-injection, AFAIK. But it lost torque-vectoring SH-AWD in 2013. Quite a bit smaller than MDX or Pilot, more like Audi Q5 or BMW X3. Interior is not quite as nice as MDX, and Acura is just as stubborn about that silly "joystick" infotainment knob as they are in MDX. On the other hand, the Honda 6-speed trans has a real honest-to-gosh shift lever. Dunno when the next redesign will happen.

BTW, MDX drivers don't look down at Pilot drivers. Pilot is taller.
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