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When I was looking at the Pilot my friend passed along this link which is an EXTREMELY detailed discussion of the various AWD systems in Hondas and Acuras. The bottom line is that the 2016+ Pilot AWD system is identical in design and function as the SH-AWD system Acura is using in the MDX.

This system passes AT LEAST 10% of torque to the rear wheels via a 2.7% "overdrive" discussed here:

"Simply speaking, clutch packs in the new SH-AWD system are responsible for 100% of the workload, with the increased 2.7% overdrive ratio, the wear and overheating issue should be more serious than before. The reason why Acura can still let such system pass at least 10% of the torque during cruising in a straight line is: progress in the material technology make it possible to manufacture clutch plates with excellent anti-wear properties, so although there are lots of friction wear and heating under normal operating conditions, the new SH-AWD component can still maintain good reliability.

For the 2016 and up Honda Pilot, although Honda is marketing its AWD system as “i-VTM4”, it is in fact identical to the latest SH-AWD."

So yes, the AWD system does turn all 4 wheels all of the time, but can do much more than that depending on the situation.

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