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2016/17 Pilot AWD QUESTION

Pilot never "stops being AWD", ( assuming you bought one equipped with AWD ), but it will reduce torque delivery to the rear wheels under low-load cruising conditions to improve efficiency. 3rd-gen Pilot's AWD system is mechanically identical to 3rd-gen MDX, although there may be differences in software "tuning". This whole discussion of AWD type can get "spirited" at times, but be careful of marketing hype. Unless you plan to compete in off-road events, Pilot's AWD system is plenty robust and it is designed to enhance on-road performance in a wide range of conditions. It is proactive in delivery of torque to the rear-wheels, including splitting torque left-right, not simply reactive as was claimed. For more detail, there are many articles on the web, and a few tomes on this site, some of them written by myself. 🙄
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